Enabling donations through Amazon Alexa

goDonate Voice is the only product in the market to make it easy for charities to start taking donations through Amazon Alexa using Amazon Pay.

Introducing Voice

We’ve been working closely with Amazon as their technical partner for the charity sector, exploring and creating Alexa skills to enable charities to use voice for fundraising, service delivery and engagement.

Alexa is changing the way brands engage with consumers. Building an Alexa skill can open a new set of opportunities for your charity. There are now tens of thousands of skills from companies and a number of charities have either built skills or are considering building them this year.

What goDonate Voice can do for you

goDonate Voice is an evolution of our highly successful next generation SaaS online donation platform goDonate. Here are some of the benefits and feature you can expect from our new product:

  • Provides new channel for frictionless fundraising
  • Can be expanded to increase other ideas and features within your Alexa skill
  • Donors do not need to find and provide their bank or credit card details
  • Data is pulled from the Amazon marketplace platform in CSV files for import into your CRM
  • Thank you email sent from Amazon with customised messaging

What we do to ensure your success

We run on-site or remote workshops for charities looking to explore voice further. These workshops help generate ideas and answer questions such as:

  • In addition to donating, what are the opportunities for your charity?
  • Could you build an Alexa skill to help your service users?
  • Could you use it to fundraise?
  • What are the opportunities as an engagement tool?
  • Could you use it to build your database with potential supporters?

The workshop will help you explore ideas for your organisation which we sense check against our proprietary voice framework to check the idea is feasible and has a valid use case.

We have run voice workshops with charities such as NSPCC, RNLI, Independent Age, Humanity & Inclusion and Battersea.

Please do get in touch for more information, our pricing and to arrange a demo

A success story: NSPCC

NSPCC has been the first charity to explore the potential of our new goDonate Voice solution.

“We are always looking for new ways to reach our audience and voice assistants are a growing part of people’s everyday lives – particularly for busy parents. Our Alexa skill has both the ability to donate to the NSPCC as well as help us deliver our core message, through providing tools to teach children that their bodies belong to them.”
Louise Corden, Lead Digital Producer

For more info, pricing or to arrange a demo

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