A few of our latest clients to use goDonate!

MND Association

With over 7,000 volunteers and around 170 staff, the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) is dedicated to help improve the lives of people affected by Motor Neurone Disease. As a membership organisation, MNDA has over 10,000 members creating a national and local network to provide information and vital support.

The Association funds the co-ordination of life-changing care for people living with MND and wide-ranging support for their families and carers. Their investment into global research runs into millions each year with the ambition to discover the causes, potential new treatments and ultimately a cure for MND.

Their relentless campaigning over the last 40 plus years has changed rules, guidelines and the law; improving life for people affected by MND. And the continued work to raise awareness has helped to give people with MND a voice.



Founded in the aftermath of the First World War, Blesma works tirelessly to enable and assist limbless veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The charity also supports hundreds of widows and families each year.

Relying solely on donations from their supporters the charity strives to support injured ex-service men and women, and their families by providing advice, representation, rehabilitation, activities, contact and communications by Support and Outreach Officers.

The charity remains constant in its determination to be there for its member for their lifetime.


NHS Charities Together

As the national independent charity caring for the NHS, NHS Charities Together works with a network of over 230 NHS charities to help the NHS go further for staff and patients, and go above and beyond what would normally be possible to ensure better healthcare for all.

NHS Charities Together works with and provides funding to NHS charities across the UK to support hospitals, mental health, community and ambulance trusts.

Initially started to support members through training, advocacy and networking, NHS Charities Together has widened its remit to raising money and awareness of NHS charities at national level. As the national charity, NHS Charities Together is there for everyone who uses, cares about and works in the NHS.


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