Are you using Facebook Pixel? Now is the time to put the Meta Conversions API in place!

Facebook Pixel (or Meta Pixel as it is now known) has been a very useful data-gathering tool for tracking data of users on Facebook. However the strength of this tool is declining due to iOS 14 privacy features and the expectation that by the end of 2023 most browsers will automatically fully block third-party cookies.

Therefore, charities need to start looking at moving away from third-party cookie tracking and finding alternative ways of collecting supporter data. Meta has introduced the Meta Conversions API (Also known as CAPI) to compensate for this. Combined with Meta Pixel, they will help organisations to continue track, attribute and improve Facebook activity more accurately. Without this improved tracking, charities using Facebook as a key marketing, donations and data gathering channel, could see a decline in results from their digital marketing efforts.

Since the Meta Conversions API allows you to track via your website’s server rather than your visitor’s browser, it doesn’t rely on cookies, so the issue of ad and cookie blockers is removed and your tracking capabilities are not affected.

This enhanced tracking can ensure:

  • you still reach supporters who have show an interest in your cause
  • any ad campaign activity is showing to the right audience
  • measurements, data-gathering and reports remain accurate

The arrival of the Conversions API is a great benefit for the charity sector. Not only does it get over the cookies / data privacy changes, but will help charities track data that users knowingly share, such as making a donation or signing up to volunteer and give more accurate results of their Meta campaigns.

The goDonate platform is now enabled to integrate with the Meta Conversions API, and goDonate clients wanting to take advantage of this are advised to raise a ticket on Zendesk.

To find out more about Meta Conversions API, click here.

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